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March 26, 2010 Shanghai – French brand LONGCHAMP “Longchamp outlet” held in Shanghai Jiuguang Department Store 2010 spring and summer release activities. 8 female model interpretation of 2 different styles of the series; are elegant and artistic style of the French blend of Longchamp spring and summer package of clothing, and very fashionable rock flavor Kate Moss for Longchamp handbags and travel bags series to 2 different Of the audio-visual enjoyment to meet the participants.

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Gatsby series dignified into the second quarter, in 2009, once launched that was well received! Colorful spring and summer color and rich touch experience, while maintaining Gatsby simple, neutral, cool sense of shape, the main cream brown and Mocha two colors, and python texture of the water buffalo side by side. Gatsby series of high-visibility front zipper design, to create exquisite craftsmanship, around the zipper leather color is based on different package models and color, and python pattern lining always exudes a sense of mystery. This season also introduced the 2 mini Gatsby shoulder replica bag, highlight the summer romantic, lightweight clamshell design, elegant with the wear, it is another free and easy.

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Artitude will be “romantic” and “fashion” elements of the two souls to play to the painter’s colorful palette and delicate strokes presented in handbags, clothing and footwear, bold use of rich materials, collage of the unique art Breath, is the brand following last spring and summer hot “Ceci est un IT Bag” canvas replica handbags another interesting masterpiece. Natural tarpaulin, and then accompanied by black patent leather zipper, brand leather tags, transparent fluorescent pink tape a lot of elements, with the style of simple cowhide handle to art collage techniques show casual but totally natural literary and artistic characteristics. As the oil splatter pattern is printed on the canvas, and then processed, each as a work of art is absolutely unique.

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Spring and summer new series of Happy, art-inspired, behind a young girl’s friendship story. Series is full of lively leisurely style, simple and generous shape, coupled with the basic color, but it is colorful spring and summer color. Very soft calfskin, replica handbags uk body surface is very smooth, is the handle with a set of Swarovski crystal. Happy series with 3 models, drum Tote bag, oblique Hobo bag, there are square Tote bag, is a young girl’s favorite!

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Longchamp handbags outlet Légende has been popular since its launch in 2007, and continues to be fashionable and elegant this season. It has introduced a variety of spring and summer spring and summer models to make the Légende series bright and colorful this spring and summer!…

Limited edition Longchamp replica Le Pliage Stomp baked

Genius designer Jeremy Scott and Longchamp outlet once again cross-knife cooperation – limited edition Longchamp Le Pliage Stomp. The latest cross-border cooperation products STOMP folding bag, Le Pliage series into new elements, vowed to spring and summer in 2008 caused panic buying boom!

Following the 2006 “This is not your bag” series, Longchamp again with the famous devil designer Jeremy Scott cooperation, the introduction of new STOMP folding package, not only for the brand’s long history of folding bag series into the freshness, more Longchamp brand was established 60 years Icing on the cake!

STOMP folding bag selected solid and durable canvas, bag body printed on the unique and interesting shoe print, full performance Jeremy Scott unrestrained, large anti-traditional design style.

In 1948, LONGCHAMP “Longchamp” founder of Mr. Zhuang Kesigelan opened in Paris, the first pipe shop. With his unparalleled creative spirit, Mr. Casgar Glan took the lead in putting leather on the handle of the pipe, making a pipe seem like a thousand pieces of fashion. All of a sudden it was favored by the market. Even the American generation of rock music giant Elvis Presley, Elvis Presley) is also its advocate! LONGCHAMP constantly expanding product range, from the initial leather pipe to replica handbags, belts, leather gloves, silk ties and scarves and so on. The first handbag was born in the late 70s.

As the eldest son of the founders, Felix Castlegran has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LONGCHAMP since inheriting his family business in 1980. In addition to his efforts to expand the French and international markets, Philippe Castleglas has been actively involved in the creative work , The popular Les Pliages ™ series is from Philip Kesigelan handwriting. While Madam Michéle Cassegrain, Jean Cassegrain, Olivier Cassegrain and Sophie Di Fontaine, the young ladies, Sophie Delafontaine) to take care of their family business.

LONGCHAMP is a small leather brand has its own production team, the first LONGCHAMP large-scale plant built in 1957 to make every product to achieve perfection, each technician must undergo up to five years of training in order to formally become Qualified technicians, and materials, from 500,000 a year in the cowhide to pick out the most appropriate high-quality leather. By 1996, LONGCHAMP built another 20,000 square meters of new factory space, and the quota of the increasing production.

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Over the years, LONGCHAMP has become a high-quality leather products has become a guarantee to create an innovative approach to each quality products to the traditional fashion, see the eternal see in the creative and rough in the well-known fine craftsmanship. In recent years, the brand has been actively cooperating with internationally renowned artists, including Thomas Heatherwick, Tracy Emin, ME Company, Jeremy Scott and Michel Gaubert, which combine traditional craftsmanship with modern creativity and innovation. In the early years by the French fine industry association (ComitéColbert) invited to become a member, hand in hand to the world to promote the mission of the French boutique.

Today, LONGCHAMP in Paris, London, New York, China, Hong Kong, Athens, Tokyo and Sydney have stores, the world’s first 100 concept store “La Maison Unique” in May 2006 in New York, Hao District opening. “La Maison Unique” is the only one in the world. It is located in Soho, New York. It symbolizes the determination of the global development of Longxiang. The total area of the new store is more than 9,000 square feet. We employ global design and architecture Thomas Heatherwick designed a 70-year-old, open space, high-rise building to create a unique concept store and an independent exhibition hall equipped with sky gardens.

Longchamp outlet 2013 Fall Classic Collection

The fall of 2013, longchamp outlet will be the flagship brand of classic handbags, this immortal model, so Longchamp to become the list of international luxury brands. This season, Longchamp for the classic series of long-lasting charm to give new features. This may be the true meaning of a fashion symbol: the new style, new colors and new materials for interpretation, its perfect character is consistent, it is an unforgettable, very popular.

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Gatsby series name originated in the great charm of the writer, the perfect embodiment of the enchanting charm of women. Bold square button design not only continues the Gatsby series has always been pure elegance, and interpretation of GATSBY SPORT generous natural leisure sports style. Soft bag models with new lizards embossed sheepskin manufacturing, designers originality, in front of the addition of a broad-brimmed cover and metal buckle belt.  Replica Handbags, matte shine and classic black and brandy colors have increased the charm of retro lines. In addition to the existing two shoulder kua style, the bag section adds a new Messenger design, filling leisure and fashion will style.

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Affected by the spirit of equestrian, Balzane saddle bag series again using lizard pattern large leather to create a saddle bag handbag. Balzane series show Longchamp traditional handmade and Ms. Longchamp uk vitality and fashion sense. Fall 2013 BALZANE ROOTS series launched three models: lavender, brown and fennel yellow. Each soft Hobo handbags have outstanding detail, interpretation of Balzane low-key elegance. Extremely visual impact of deep coffee trimming smooth texture, for this unique and dynamic design adds a stylish temperament. Season’s main Roseau Box, Légende Verni, Gatsby Sport and Balzane Roots four series will continue, Longchamp immortal classic.

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Everything starts with Roseau’s bamboo series. Simple lines, compact shape, bamboo ring is icing on the cake. In the 20th anniversary of the launch of Roseau Héritage bamboo legend series, this season will be the first presentation ROSEAU BOX series.

This is a high-calf made using the new Tote bags, handbags luster color, delicate texture and smooth, with a bright shiny texture and enhance the new luxury models in the fall. The handbag has four colors (deep eggplant purple, fennel yellow, cedar green, carmine), with the size of two sizes to choose from. Which has a small section of the removable shoulder strap. ROSEAU BOX series handbags printed with cheap Longchamp bags horses totem oval skin label, and finally with the iconic bamboo buckle, the shiny nickel surface design natural.

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Légende legend series was born in IT-Bag all the rage of 2007, the beginning of that is very popular. Now the trend faded, but Légende style remains. Légende handbags inspired by the retro doctor package has a lasting shape, bright colors and stylish fabrics. Autumn 2013 LéGENDE VERNI series of luxury replica handbags made of high calf leather patent leather, blending the season’s most exotic animal patterns: full of carmine red panther models and black and white python pattern.

Longchamp outlet opened in Shanghai Jing’an Kerry Center flagship store wall art cooperation!

Longchamp outlet Jing’an Kerry Center flagship store opened in the recently opened trial, in front of the shop is placed by the German artist Franz Ackermann ingenuity of the art of design tarpaulin wall. This work and the beginning of the spring, Paris Saint Honore flagship store renovation at the occasion of the art show in front of the same strain.

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Recently,  cheap Longchamp Shanghai’s new flagship store located in the heart of downtown Shanghai: Jing’an Kerry Center. Kerry Center is located in the Nanjing West Road shopping district of Nanjing Road West and Changde Road, the center of the lot, closely linked to the vitality of downtown Shanghai. Longchamp Jing’an Kerry Center flagship store has recently opened trial operation, the shop is placed in front of the front of the Franz Ackermann by the German artist Franz Ackermann artwork design tarpaulin wall. This work is called “Art Walk Series II: Changlin Forest”, and the beginning of the spring, Paris Saint Honore flagship store renovation at the occasion of the art show in front of the same strain. Longchamp invited American artist Ryan McGinness to turn the renovation process into an artistic event, and then gave birth to “Mindscapes”, this exquisite, vibrant work in order to cover the entire shop during the refurbishment. A brand new look for the shops of Saint Honore.

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Brand chief executive, and founder of the founder, Jean Cassegrain, says that the flagship stands in such a remarkable and valuable prime location that it is clearly beyond the reach of an ordinary tarpaulin, It is important for us to build this art installation in the center of Shanghai. Longchamp replica from Paris, settled in Shanghai, in these two vibrant and creative city took root. In Franz Ackermann’s work, travel is a common theme, so this work can touch you and me, and closely related with the spirit of the brand, which is no doubt. No matter the length of the journey, “Long Xiang” products can always accompany in the side. Franz Ackermann’s work through the dynamic expression of color dynamic, and the brand image is very fit.

Artist Franz Ackermann said, “Touring the Forest” this masterpiece will be moved to the natural forest city streets. In the forest, we can see a large open space and many smaller space overlap, called the niche area. Time and space are intertwined. From a distance, shape and color particularly conspicuous. From the near, the image seems to talk: those known / unknown, familiar, exciting … … abstract things have become more specific, and vice versa. New things are discovered every day and the journey begins … “He added:” Such projects require a strong partner, especially in public places, and my work is closely related to my travel experience, from 1991 I have been trying to create a small piece of watercolor, the so-called “mental map.” I remember when the boat from Hong Kong to Shanghai, Pudong is still a lot of empty farmland, maritime development is very few, At that time we also passed by the Bund … … change is always positive.

“We hope that every person who sees this work will no longer be polluted by the common and repetitive information in the modern city and will be more poetic and stunning in their own lives.” Said Grant.

Jessica Alba Street shooting interpretation of Longchamp outlet Paris Premier series handbags

Recently, Jessica Alba back Longchamp outlet Paris Premier series handbags out of the street.

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Recently, Jessica Alba back Longchamp uk Paris Premier series handbags out of the street. This handbag can be hand-rolled or shoulder, the material used calf, after the start with large capacity, in its sandwich contains two hidden magnetic buckle compartment. Paris Premier series of geometric composition for the distinctive features, cleverly matched with a rounded shape of the rectangular shape of this series of soft texture fluffy, matte matte material to create a natural charm, highlighting the extraordinary Longchamp process standards.

It is located in the center of Paris, is a long history of immortal city. It combines legendary memory, luxurious atmosphere and precious culture, all the secrets of Paris, highlighting the beauty of France Huadu. Longchamp opened its first flagship store in 1998 in Saint-Honore street in Paris’s 1st district. Today, the brand launched a new Paris Premier series handbags, as a special occasion to commemorate that important moment. October on sale worldwide.

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The Paris Premier collection perfectly presents the face of Paris’ 1st district. Elegant curved handles and brass decor are reminiscent of Parisian arcades in Rivoli and Castiglione. Handbags to high-quality French calfskin elaborate, showing the Saint Honore Street store and the district luxury hotel has a long luxurious style. Exquisite handmade detail echoes the Paris rich historical and cultural heritage, showing a valuable original spirit. Handbag interior and the perfect design of the compartment, you can fully incorporate personal items, as the royal palace as carefully preserved its gorgeous garden. Paris Premier series of handbags designed low-key minimalist, modern full, a clear expression of the first district of Paris, natural integration into the 21st century modern society.

Paris Premier series has opened a new chapter Longxiang classic replica handbags series, as the owner’s loyal companion. Those who love to read can easily put Colette Boulie or Jean Cocteau’s work in handbags, while fashion lovers can hand-rolled or arm-in-hand bags while shopping. Owners will write a new story with the handbag, as the years of precipitation, matte leather is now antique color, just as elegant and charming as Paris … …

Alexa Chung, Jessica Alba, Liu Wen and other stars debut Cheap Longchamp Paris Saint Honore Street flagship store opening ceremony!

October 4, 2016, Longchamp outlet is located in the heart of the fashion capital of Paris, ushered in the grand landmark of the flagship store in St. Onyre Street reopening. Brand friends are pouring in, the Cass Glan family for its special private party, join the festivities.

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October 4, 2016, Longchamp outlet uk is located in the heart of the fashion capital of Paris, ushered in the grand landmark of the flagship store in St. Onyre Street reopening.

Brand friends are pouring in, the Cass Glan family for its special private party, join the festivities. In the evening, star-studded, line-up grand: international famous movie star Jessica Alba, brand spokesperson Alexa Chung, fashion writer Derek Blasberg, Japanese version Vogue fashion director Anna Dello Russo, French actor Audrey Tautou, Mélanie Laurent, Leila Bekhti, Lambert Wilson, Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu, Taiwan actress Patty Hou, Japanese model Matsubara, Thai actress Araya Alberta Hargate and Russian it-girl Elena Perminova all attended the party.

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Brand new cheap Longchamp flagship store a total of three, covering 7500 square feet, exudes a modern feminine atmosphere. The store displays beautiful leather goods, footwear and clothing series. Saint-Honore street opposite the men’s series boutiques, refined, modern, warm atmosphere perfect fusion, the perfect presentation of men’s series and enduring travel bags series.

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The singer-actress Soko sits at the flagship store in Saint Honore’s Street, while the men’s boutique is brought to life by Frédéric Beigbeder.

At the same time, there is also a distinguished private dinner at the Hotel de la Mane in Concorde, in the heart of Paris, celebrating the artistic life of the French. Dinner chefs Michelin chef Hélène Darroze and dessert chef Pierre Hermé. Finally, by the French singer Imany sounds of nature singing to the last night Longchamp Paris painted on the emotional and successful full stop.

Longchamp outlet 2013 autumn Quadri casual fashion series new favorite

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She is familiar with the streets of Paris, a landscape. You can always see her brisk walking in the Saint-Germain, or riding a bicycle through the Place de la Concorde. She loves Longchamp Quadri from the sexual aspect series, whether it is wearing tight jeans with ankle boots or motorcycle jackets with a fluffy dress, this Quadri series of sexual intercourse she always leave the body, it is so effortlessly to create a Belongs to her popular style.

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This sleek Quadri meets the needs of her all-in-one package. Cross crisscross texture printed on the soft leather, soft like her favorite jeans. Nickel metal accessories engraved with the history of Longchamp outlet, as well as full of fun with Longchamp Logo Logo oval skin without exception, fit her love of rock and roll spirit. She is also very fond of these colors, each of which is a modern classic, for a day with: black, pottery gray, ivory, full of vitality of carmine and delicate cedar blue.

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But how can fashion out of practicality? When you are worried about clothing with the time it will be difficult to look so cool. Luckily she knew that Quadri’s Sexuality series would never let her down. Quadri has a total of five vertical and horizontal series package type: Tote replica handbags can carry all the things she needs, and even more, both practicality and fashion degree. The bag comes with several inner bags, two sturdy handles and a detachable leather shoulder strap;

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If you want a perfect release of the hands, Quadri with the sexual aspect series has a nowadjusted shoulder bag strap; if you need high-capacity package, then a chic shopping replica bags and an adjustable shoulder strap with exquisite Hobo bag will be the best choice; when she went out at night time, Quadri with the sexuality of the series also has a perfect solution: a cute mini-clutch, you can easily put it on the wrist.

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Longchamp handbags outlet full show new Quadri casual vertical and horizontal series, to create a relaxed and elegant every day.

Longchamp outlet 2015 autumn and winter advertising will be fully on-line

Longchamp outlet 2015 autumn and winter advertising blockbusters about the new on-line, love Longchamp you are looking forward to it? Longchamp’s DNA is filled with the art of fashion. Longchamp creative director Sophie Delafontaine in the interview also share with us in Miami shooting big screen when behind-the-scenes and her fashion Tips.

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Do you think Miss Zhong and Longchamp brand have in common?
Longchamp outlet uk brand has always insisted “optimistic luxury” fashion concept. We hope that Longchamp is a dynamic, diversified urban women part of their daily lives, she must be a love of fashionable women, not fashion slaves. Miss Zhong is fully representative of this image. Her charm, fashionable behavior and vitality of the brand embodies the essence of Longchamp.

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What do you think is the difference between shooting a commercial with Miss Zhong?
She is very generous, and threw himself into the shooting. She is not a model, because she has more than the model. I think this is very interesting. She is very expressive, you can cute, sexy, charming, lively and romantic free to switch.

Fall 2015 shooting was going well?
We are very demanding of Miss Zhong, all shooting very high intensity, but I think she likes to interact with the photographer and director. Longchamp this season, we shot in Miami, United States District of Wynnwood, which is a very beautiful place, full of inspirational scenes. The art-filled area is close to the hotel where we stayed, just in line with our range of styles.

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What is your design style?
I usually choose the tail of the tailoring, streamlined shape, I also like with a brightly colored or decorative ornaments.

Where did you find inspiration?
Everything around me is my source of inspiration. I like to travel, find, meet, visit, listen … … I think inspiration is also a question of personality, I am full of curiosity about life!

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Alexa Chung portrait in 2016 Longchamp outlet spring advertising blockbuster

By Peter Lindbergh Palm mirror filming, Miss Zhong (Alexa Chung) Qingqing starred in the spring of 2016 Longchamp outlet opened a large advertising campaign.

Longchamp outlet

Alexa Chung and Peter Lindbergh were joined by Longchamp for the first time. This is Longchamp hand Miss Zhong’s fifth large-scale advertising shoot, show Longchamp lasting fashion charm. Fashion icons and master photographers cooperation, which is part of Paris, this city has a timeless and beautiful fashion collision and the perfect encounter.

This season, Mr. Lingdbergh for Longchamp shooting advertising blockbusters, not only to capture Miss Chung exudes a natural fresh and elegant temperament, but also the fashion of Longchamp emotional and visual experience to a new level. In Paris, the Royal Palace (Palais Royal) under the arcade, Miss Zhong dressed in Longchamp outlet uk latest clothing line – sand gray lambskin Slim windbreaker, with Longchamp season red pottery Pénélope series package models, show typical Paris elegant style.

Longchamp outlet small sheepskin folding bag customized version

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the legendary handbag LE PLIAGE® nylon folding bag series, Longchamp outlet uk “Longchamp” as a high-level leather goods brand with more than 65 years of exquisite French handmade and long-term professional leather experience, in April 2014 launched LE PLIAGE ® CUIR Lambskin folding bag personalized customized version.

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Why choose the LE PLIAGE® CUIR Lambskin Folding Bag series to launch a customized version of the service? It all comes from it in terms of appearance, material or production process, are the most able to represent a classic longchamp outlet handbags. The series inherited the LE PLIAGE ® folding bag iconic design contours, while the material on the traditional and innovative use of the unique Mei Tisi lambskin (Metis Leather), to meet the “folding” the soul of the design needs, Making leather handbags can be as thin as the general tough nylon, smooth and easy to carry, not to mention each season gorgeous new color one after another, and always maintain a positive momentum, so much fashion circles sought after and favor, the personalized custom service Launch immediately became a hot topic.

China LE PLIAGE® CUIR Lambskin folding bag customization service only in the designated four Longchamp “Longchamp” boutiques (Beijing Galeries Lafayette department store, Shanghai Hong Kong Hang Lung Plaza, Nanjing Deji Plaza and the Chengdu International Financial Center) Then you can go to the store, through a simple operation can be completed.

Customized steps are very simple: First, select the size of handbags – small, medium or large; then select the color of Baoshen, this season a total of eight colors to choose from: black, brown, orange, Rose pink, lemon yellow, camel, indigo and cinnabar red; then, respectively, for the cover and handle, zipper buttons at both ends of the buckle and strap to choose a different color, while lining the color is also available for you to choose. In the color selection is complete, you can also engraved on the package body your initials letters, there are two ways to punch or punch optional, is definitely the perfect combination of sophistication and the trend.

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After the order is completed about eight weeks, you will be able to receive your own small sheepskin folding bag, through your own design, this package is unique! You can also appreciate the fun involved in the creation, this is exclusive to your most luxurious experience!

How to Make Your Lambskin Folding Bag Unique

1. Select Package Type (Small, Medium, or Large)

2. Select the main color package body (8 colors for selection)

3. Select the bag cover / handle, the zipper at both ends of the buckle loop and shoulder strap color (three can choose different colors)

4. Select the lining color (5 colors for selection)

5. Complete. If you like, you can also punch holes in the replica handbags or imprint your initials letters